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We turn ideas into action

We consult, advise and provide our clients with tailored programs focused on action and results. We have helped countries raise their GLOBAL IMAGE, REPUTATION and strengthen their local economy, by attracting foreign investment, jobs and other support. Our deeply-rooted knowledge of the world’s key regions – their cultures, challenges and trends − and our close relationships with the CORPORATE, POLITICAL AND CIVIC LEADERS of various countries, make us authoritative partners for clients looking to enter new markets or grow in existing ones.
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We hope that our message finds you and your families in good health and spirits.

The global health crisis has temporarily altered the "hands-on" aspect of our day-to-day operations, preventing us from the in-person events that remain our passion. Our worldwide associates however are strongly focused on creating innovative global platforms to promote the exchange of ideas, which is particularly crucial in these difficult times and on developing second semester events.

We want to support and we want to share. For the best of our clients who are our reason for "being." For the best of our vendors who are our partners. For the best of our colleagues who are our family. For the best of our global economy.

Together with all our associates and employees, we have decided to donate the equivalent amount of two months salary for all of us to the World Health Organization and to local foundations in New York, Paris, Dubai, and Riyadh, where our offices are located. Please, if you can, do join RA&A’s Call to Action to support deserving medical initiatives worldwide. Let us all contribute together to eradicate this terrible disease.

You may also want to read Executive Chairman Richard Attias’ letter inspiring his peers to keep the faith during these challenging times. The event communication industry has been among the most impacted by the pandemic, but its magic will never be destroyed.

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