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Deborah Lehr

Chief Executive Officer, Basilinna Senior Fellow, Paulson Institute

United States | in

Deborah Lehr serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Basilinna, a strategic business-consulting firm focused on China and the Middle East. In addition, Lehr is a Senior Fellow of the Paulson Institute, a think tank founded by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson located at the University of Chicago.

Ms. Lehr previously managed a successful consulting business representing Western and Chinese companies such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Boeing. She served as Senior Advisor to the Chairman and CEO of Merrill Lynch, and was a Senior Managing Director at the New York Stock Exchange focused on emerging markets. Lehr was President of Stonebridge China, with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. She also served in the U.S Government as lead negotiator for China's WTO Accession at the US Trade Representative and as Director of Asian Affairs at the National Security Council.

Ms. Lehr is a founder and Chairman of the Antiquities Coalition, focused on fighting against the looting of cultural heritage by organized crime and terrorists. She is also the founding Chairman of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University and launched the International Coalition for the Protection of Egyptian Antiquities, resulting in a private-public partnership with the Egyptian government.

Ms. Lehr also serves in many institutions: as a member of the International Council of Advisors for National Geographic, on the Board of the Archaeological Institute of America, on the International Advisory Board of the London School of Economics, the Board of the School of Advanced International Studies and the Cox Business School at Southern Methodist University.


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