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Hegra Conference of Nobel Laureates

AlUla, Saudi Arabia, 2020

The Hegra Conference of Nobel Laureates welcomed over 100 delegates, comprised of Nobel laureates and prominent global thought leaders, who came together for two immersive days of conversation and debate on the theme “Transmission: A Shared Heritage,” addressing topics ranging from sustainability to healthcare and technology, all through the lens of how to bridge the past with generations to come. Inspired by the surroundings of Hegra, a place that has been a crossroads of civilizations and enabled the transmission of ideas, stories, theories and traditions for more than 7,000 years, the Hegra Conference of Nobel Laureates was an opportunity to rethink how sustainable transmission is critical to society and how we can build a shared heritage in order to ensure a better and safer world.


  • 18 Nobel Laureates
  • 62 Speakers
  • 4 "Discover AlUla" experiences
  • 20 Content sessions